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PROACTIVE24™ includes all the facilites and world-class equipment you need to achieve your goals and feel fantastic”


Fully equipped with a complete range of cardio equipment, plus all the weight training and functional training equipment you could ever want. Delivering Les Mills® Group Fitness Classes and TRIBE Team Training™ Small Group Training Sessions in multiple studio spaces. PROACTIVE24™ Health and Fitness Studios is well equipped to ensure you get amazing results.

Group Fitness Studio
PROACTIVE24™ has a Group Fitness Studio that is beautifully positioned with amazing views out towards the Pisa Range and Cardrona Valley. Not only are the group fitness classes and instructors world-class, you’ll also be working out in breath taking surrounds.

Small Group Training Studio
Our fully equipped Small Group Training Studio offers all of our TRIBE Team Training™ Programmes; TribeFIT™, TribeCORE™, TribePUNCH™, TribeLIFE™, and TribeKIDS™. You’ll find a specialised 25m, two-lane indoor sprint track made from tiger turf with rubber underlay, TRX’s, a full range of boxing/kickboxing equipment, kettlebells, weights, medicine balls, skipping ropes, multi-level resistance bands, swiss balls and much much more. So whether you’re involved with TRIBE Team Training™ or are looking for more space to train functionally with state of the art equipment, then this is the studio for you. Check out our Team Training page for our Session times and more information.

"No longer the exclusive domain of the rich and famous, Personal Trainers are now being used by people from all walks of life who want to get the most out of their exercise. Using the latest in exercise science theory and practical research,your PROACTIVE24(tm) Personal Trainer will target your workouts and provide you with the encouragement to work that little bit harder towards your goals. PROACTIVE24(tm) Personal Trainers will tailor to your programme to your individual exercise and lifestyle needs."


Multiple Studio Spaces.

Small Group Training

Cardio Equipment

24 hour health
and fitness centre

TRIBE Team Training™

Weight Training
Functional Training

You Get
Amazing Results.

Fully Equipped
Gym Floor

With comprehensive cardio & resistance machines,
4 Olympic lifting stations and a full complement
of free weights

On-site Parking

Comprehensive on-site parking
for our members and guests


4 to 5 person saunas in each of the changing rooms,
perfect for muscle recovery and relaxation

Group Fitness Studio

Home to all of our awesome Les Mills Classes and Group Fitness offerings and instructors

Tribe Studio

Created specifically for our Tribe Team Training offering but accessible to all members to use 24 hours a day (excluding session times)

Boxing Room

Small and compact room to hone your boxing skills on speed balls, boxing bags and wall mounted pads and equipment




Megan has run a very successful clinic in the Dunedin CBD and also currently runs a clinic in Ranfurly every Thursday as wll as at PROACTIVE24™.

Megan has a Diploma in Advanced Therapeutic Massage Level 6, Certificate in Spa Therapies and Stress Management Level 5, Certificates in Manual Lymphatic Drainage ,Dry Needling and Fascial Release.Megan also has gained a lot of experience from attending sporting events, working for international sports teams, including the Wallabies, South African Cricket team and many more. I worked with the Highlanders for 5 years.

Intuitive, caring and strong, the massage treatments that Megna provides are with 100% energty to her clients and Megan work's with a network of professionals to delivery the best care for her clients.

Manual Lymphatic drainage/therapy, is becoming a big part of her practice, as its a treatment that provides so many benefits with such light touch. Not only does this therapy ease muscular and arthritic pain, it can also increase energy, boost the immune system, help with anxiety and depression, help you sleep better, reduce period and menopausal symptoms, reduce hay fever symptoms, help with IBS, reduce fluid retention and bloating and the list goes on!

To function well Megan believes we all need to eat well, exercise, sleep, have strong family/friend connections and include regular massage treatments. This should never be considered a luxury, as if you don't have your health then you don't have much. We never expect nor think its possible to buy a car and not fill it with petrol or do regular services and your body is no different.

Helping to educate people on the importance of regular massage and encouraging her clients to give her a call if you would like to discuss personal situations further.

PROACTIVE - Four Corners

Proactive are a one stop centre for all your physiotherapy, rehabilitation, healthcare, and workplace needs. Providing our clients with an expert holistic, integrated and multidisciplinary service right across New Zealand.

Proactive was founded in 1999 on the premise that injury treatment and rehabilitation in New Zealand could be done a whole lot better than it was. We envisaged providing a recovery service to Kiwis that considered the whole person, not just the injury. We wanted to offer Kiwis a recovery pathway that would take them all the way from the set-back of the injury, to return to activities that were important to them; and that offered them the opportunity to prevent future injury or improve their overall wellbeing.

21 Years later and we are truly there. We provide a range of recovery and wellbeing services to Kiwis of all walks of life across New Zealand. Whether your setback is due to a physical injury, a concussion, persistent pain or ongoing fatigue; or you are an organisation looking to support the health and wellbeing of your staff, we have the experience, the expertise and the services to help your or your organisations wellbeing.

Our integrated team of Medical, Nursing, Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, Clinical Exercise Physiologists, Vocational Consultants, Psychologists, Neuropsychologists, Dieticians, Social workers, Speech Language therapists and many more allied health practitioners provide a truly multidisciplinary service using shared knowledge for the most effective and efficient solution for our clients health and wellbeing needs.


We understand that there can never be a one path fits all approach. So we strive to really get your needs, and to provide expert and holistic rehabilitation services that meet those needs. Our Four Corners of Health™ Approach integrates the best of physical treatment and rehabilitation, with lifestyle advice and coaching to help you to adopt a mindset that challenges your status quo with a view to overcome the obstacles that you are faced with.

We also get that it’s not just about the service that we provide. It is also about how we engage and involve you in the process. Our team are trained to help you to understand your injury, the recovery process, and the importance of what you eat, how you move, sleep and your mindset in helping you to recover and to thrive. We engage you in the process in a way that is natural, without getting hung up on medical language, and we make sure that we are proactive – we consider all of the options that will help you to recover safer, faster and more completely.

Making Physio appointments

You can reach the clinic on the 03 4450858, or make an appointment if you are passing by; the opening hours are from 8am-4.30pm.

The contact email has changed to

You can also book on line on our website

'The Reformery' - Pilates Mindful Movement, Wanaka.

The Reformery is a boutique Pilates mat and full equipment Studio here at Proactive24. Our goal is to offer expert exercise, pre/postnatal care and mindful movement to our clients. Utilising Pilates studio equipment such as the reformer and other specialised pilates machines, as well as researched based musculoskeletal, pelvic, myofascial movement and exercise techniques to support balance, build strength, flexibility and over all mind/body wellness.

Owner and Senior Teacher Bree Woodward-Gray is a holistic Pilates Teacher and utilises an individualised approach to exercise and movement. Holistic, meaning whole body awareness which promotes a healthy body, mind and spirit.

Classes and privates at 'The Reformery' incorporate a combination of Pilates and Slings in Motion, 'Slings' is a movement modality which focuses on the muscles and connective tissue, creating resilience and ease in movement. Using these two methods together is an intelligent approach to creating body resilience.

What is on offer at 'The Reformery'
We are a Pilates one stop shop, offering group classes in Mat Work, Reformer group classes, Private and semi private sessions.

Reformer and Pilates Studio Equipment - Group Classes and Privates
These sessions offer people a sense of containment and support while they move organically on specialised Pilates machines, Reformers help support the goal of better posture, strengthen the core, and have the ability to add resistance to build an all-round resilient body. Using Pilates studio Equipment is a beneficial and resourceful way to keep fit, recover from injury, stay strong in your muscles and bones as well as embrace a sense of fun and playfulness.

Pilates Slings Group class-
Is performed on the Mat and consists of body weight exercises incorporating soft fascial balls and other pilates props. This practice utilises myofascial movement - working with the connective tissue slings of the body. Postural analysis, helping with efficiency, balance, stability and vitality. Promoting an overall feeling of lightness, agility and ease. These sessions offer a specific focus on core muscles, pelvic awareness, spinal wellbeing and a holistic approach to movement and exercise.

Pre/Postnatal sessions help realign the body's posture before and after birth focusing on diaphragmatic breathing, deep pelvic floor core function and postural alignment. Bree's specialised education in Pre/Postnatal corrective exercise enables her to prescribe movement to assist in the recovery of prolapse, diastasis recti, low back, SI joint pain and incontinence. Bree works alongside pelvic health physiotherapists and other practitioners.

The Reformery offers professional classes to our clients. Bree has been Teaching this holistic Pilates method in Wanaka for some years as well as globally and looks forward to opening a dynamic movement and body/mind wellness experience from her new space in proactive24.

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