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The Academy of Excellence provides world class strength and conditioning coaching.

The programming has been designed to assist young athletes in their chosen sport and has been developed by some of the best strength and conditioning coaches in the area – if not the world!

The Academy of Excellence has been created for young elite athletes in the area to develop their sporting skills and fulfil their sporting potential.

Individual specialised training programmes are tailored for each participant, and a dedicated coach assigned to supporting strength and conditioning. At The Academy you will have the ability to meet and train with other like-minded athletes.

The Academy’s main goal is to improve athletic performance, reduce the risk of injury, and condition our young athletes’ bodies in preparation for their sporting goals.

We currently work with athletes across all sports including netball, soccer, rugby, rowing, squash and triathlon. If your child is serious about a chosen sport and would like to develop their potential, the Academy is the best place to start. We’d love to get you started with us today!

By joining the Academy of Excellence, our local young athletes can expect:-

1. An Academy coach to sit down first with the athlete and their parent/s and discuss their individual needs, what they feel their strengths are, what they would like to improve on, current training, previous injury etc.

2. A coach to perform a movement assessment and build a strength and conditioning program based on goals and what the athlete can achieve in their movement patterns.

3. A coach to create a specific program for athletes to complete (this will vary based on whether they are in-season, pre-season, recovery phase, strength phase etc).

4. Full access to PROACTIVE24 Health and Fitness to carry out their training

To register your interest for the 'Academy of Excellence' or for more information please contact

The coaches of the AOE past and present are
so proud of all of our young athletes that have
come through the academy to achieve great
things in their chosen sport. From regional,
national and professional club representatives,
the AOE gives young athletes the platform to
develop and thrive’
- Steve, AOE Lead Coach


Providing you with a personalised
service to support your health
and fitness goals.

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Embracing you in our fun,
friendly and safe environment
as part of the PROACTIVE24 family.

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Boosting your vitality through
effective & enjoyable workouts
that are suited to you.

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Motivating you to succeed
through our experienced,
knowledgeable and friendly

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Ensuring our passionate and
professional team make your
every visit enjoyable.

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Hi! I'm Ming.

I'm a Wanaka raised local with a passion for making fitness fun and functional!

My focus is to inspire long-term healthy habits whilst building a strong body, combining balance and flexibility training for optimal wellness in the demands of daily life.

Whether it is full body toning, weight loss, strength and/or athletic performance goals, I have the knowledge and experience to get you results and create lifestyle habits to last a lifetime. You can find me on the gym floor as a Personal Trainer, upstairs coaching TRIBE, training young athletes in Academy of Excellence, or teaching Les Mills classes.

Wether you are new to training or an experienced exerciser, I bring a powerhouse of fresh energy to inspire and bring out the best in your body!


Steve is the Club Manager here at PROACTIVE24™. With over 20yrs experience in this amazing industry performing roles varying from fitness instructor, personal trainer, fitness manager, and health club manager (in both small and large clubs) Steve is really excited to be part of this amazing team. His drive and passion stem from the desire to provide every member with an experience that is so compelling that they will excitedly talk to their friends about us. Steve's aim is to ensure that each and every one of our members is valued and receives exceptional service so that they can reach their goals with ease and have a great time doing it.